I have been a mountain guide for the last 18 years. My job gives me the chance to live the beauty of mountains in every season. This experience easily combines with the opportunity to accompany people and to offer them a specific training in alpine skills, always keeping in mind the fundamental symbiosis between men and nature.

I follow the changing of seasons, trying to find the activities which best suit them: ski touring, climbing, and classic ascends of our Orobie Alps, of the Mount Blanc, or of the Matterhorn.


An activity which has been taking place in the last few years is canyoning: to follow the fall of pure water in alpine gorges, wearing a neoprene suit. I started this activity by opening new routes in the canyons of the Orobie Alps. Furthermore, Lombardy offers a large variety of itineraries, which can suit all different levels of experience: from beginners to trained adventurers. I often accompany small groups of enthusiastic people to canyons in Liguria, France, and Corsica.


Finally, I have been a nordic walking teacher since 2016: a complete activity which allows everybody, depending on his fitness level, to enjoy healthy walks outside or even high-level training sessions.

As a mountain guide, I also collaborate with private companies, helding courses about security for specialized work-at-hight and rescue using alpine techniques and equipments.

I have been part of the National Mountain and Speleologist Rescue Team (CNSAS) for several years, as professional helicopter-rescuer, regional alpine and canyoning rescue Instructor.